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Our Advisors are internationally known with the ``Gift`` of ``Enlightenment`` to answer the questions ``Most`` dear to your ``Heart``.

We believe love, joy, and happiness (LJH) are the core values everyone deserves to experience. At Paradise Psychics Network, we value these core beliefs - you deserve the best life has for you.

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Our carefully chosen Psychics are exceptional and have passed thorough quality assurance processes before their services are offered to our valued customers to help them get through their most roughest times.

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Carrie is a natural born psychic who is deeply devoted


Skye loves to inspire hope and understanding through her sensitive


Starr inherited her Abilities from many generations of Native American

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Happy Clients

“One of the best psychics I have received readings from.”

Ava Thomson

I can not find enough words to express how gifted Skye is. Skye has changed my life so tremendously in the months that I have worked with her.

Gwen Dennis

During a very dark time in my life, she knew exactly what I needed to do to turn things around. I will be forever grateful!

Karen Scheider

What I needed to hear! I had a session yesterday. Although I did not necessarily hear what I WANTED to hear, I heard what I NEEDED to hear.

Marrie Jones-France


MYTH: During clairvoyant readings, many practitioners will tell you something bad is going to happen. FACT: This almost never happens. Readers work by a strict code of ethics and do not give out information of this sort without good reason.

Satisfied Clients

Questions and Answers

Do all psychics or readers know the past, present, and future.

Not all psychics or readers have the same ability or interest. Retro-cognition (past), cognition (present), and pre-cognition (future) are areas that a psychic or reader may divine and it depends on their ability and interest as to how well they can do so, if at all.

Do readers will tell you something horrific like you will get into an accident or die.

Professional readers have a code of ethics they read by and it generally doesn’t include telling people about things they can not control or that are psychically damaging to know about. My rule of thumb is this: Does it add value and benefit the person to know? If yes and it doesn’t go against code, then I will tell them and then give them ideas on how to improve a challenging situation.

Do psychic readers know everything about the person down to the color of the underwear they are wearing or what they had for breakfast.

Psychic readers often focus on specific areas of concern that is often decided upon by the person getting a reading. In some cases, a person (also called a sitter or seeker) just wants to be “read” in which case it’s often general information the psychic sees which they then interpret into general or specific insights for the sitter. Also, the qualities of insights are dependent upon the question and energetic openness of the sitter to the reader.

Do psychics read your mind at all times?

Psychic readers can read your mind if we focus our intent on doing so; however, if we did that with everyone all the time, we would become exhausted and require mental health assistance. Myself, I am personally not interested in that! Also, any professional reader will ask for permission instead of invading your privacy. Having said that, some things like intuition and face reading become automatic but one normally tunes into it for brief periods of time and only when necessary. Also, if someone doesn’t want to be read, they can’t be — it’s that simple.

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